Three Years | Three Projects

The ever-prolific and bombastic Nessim Higson (aka IAAH™), who was born and raised in New Orleans, presents his personal projects about the Katrina catastrophe in three episodes – Lost, What’s Going On? and Photo Types. “Lost” is easily the more powerful of the triptych, but beyond aesthetics and core content, what engages me more is the notion of designers attempting to reach outside the immediate realm of the design community, or at least directing some vision beyond our often insular environments. And for someone like Higson with such a narcissistic online persona, and whose brand is hyperactive self-dogma, the Katrina project is refreshing. Whether this and other similar projects are *actually* being proactive or simply self-glossing lip service is debatable. But in general, I appreciate the spirit of endeavors bringing design energies to a more applied and socially/globally/environmentally aware level. I think we all do. As someone who constantly struggles to grasp my role as a designer in the bigger picture, I find projects like these inspirational to a certain degree. Beyond designers, as American citizens, as global citizens (as my high school European History teacher would say), what can we do? How can we contribute as designers, as businesses, as individuals – to anything? How can we be more responsible? Vague and perhaps hackneyed questions to ask, with no immediate answers, but certainly thoughts for chewing. Hopefully more to come on these themes.

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  1. I agree that designers should be aware. We hold the power to influence the public eye, therefore we should feel some obligation towards speaking out.

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