Michele Abeles


American photographer Michele Abeles composes images that often fool the eye. Today, we encounter more images than any previous time. Often we interact with these images through screens and the internet. She is part of a generation of young photographers who are confronting this very relationship. Her photos are titled in a deadpan and almost obvious manner. The flatness of her images beg us to reconsider what we are seeing. She is represented by 47 Canal gallery and has exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA and Dallas Museum of Art among many others. (Above: Baby Carriage on Bike or Riot Shield as Carriage, 2015. All images courtesy of 47 Canal.)

Arm, Plant, Bottles, Wood, 2011


Milano #01 – 04, 2016


Watches #15, 2014


Pitcher, Paper, Arm, Scuba, Lycra, 2011


Jungle #04, 2014