Design by Stan Zienka. Been meaning to write this up but haven’t been available as of late. A project, I believe started by Hideki Owa, that Stan, Patrick and myself have been asked to participate in is called jpgaday. The premise, simply to make something. Anything. Half sketchbook. Half outlet. Half playground. We’ve had these sketchbook discussions in the past. I for one am for them. And the little I have participated in this project so far has been more than healthy. Or a rejuvenation of sorts. Anyways, if you are bored, or have some extra time,check it out. It’s really a nice collection happening of which direction, I’m not quite sure it will head next!

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  1. jpgaday makes my day every morning.
    other sites like it include:

    Mike Cina’s trueistrue
    Winner’s Society

    I’m sure there’s a bunch out there.. people — enlighten the doctor. he’s getting rusty.

  2. This is a great idea. Will be making this apart of my morning routine as well.

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