Two Women with Soft Eyes





I’ve been admiring the lovely snaps of Jin Joo Hwang for a while now. I know very little about her, but I gather that she’s: 1) female, 2) Korean, 3) from LA possibly via Korea. Regardless, she’s got some really beautiful work.





Ye Rin Mok’s work has been super hot these days. She shoots for everyone from THEME magazine to Apartmento. Her portrait work is astounding, but I’m more smitten with her more ethereal snaps. Check these two lovely ladies out.

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  1. yuliyag

    funny, i could tell that this work was being made in LA even before i read your blurb. there is just something about the mood of LA… kind of mundane but yet mysterious and other… i’m not sure if it’s the light or the landscape…

    i actually love Ye Rin Mok’s portraits. not showing the face allows the viewer to get lost in the details of the image. i find my self looking at the images longer and more comfortably, there’s less confrontation…

  2. That’s interesting you say that. I’ve noticed a similar air in a lot of LA artist’s work, but having not been in there in a long while I couldn’t really confirm it.

    It makes me really want to investigate this mysteriousness that may lie underneath the glitzy skin of Hollywood.

  3. yuliyag

    i’m not really sure what is in the air… at night i associate it with all the neon, but am not sure about the day time. when ever i land (or pull into LA), I feel a change in spirit – like i enter a david lynch movie, and there is always something hiding in the quiet moments.

    but you should go investigate for your self…

  4. yuliyag

    my best friend has been living in LA for the last few years, so i consulted her on this air issue. here’s her answer….

    it’s “the color of the warped results of millions of shattered dreams”

  5. Funny my first impression of Jin Joo Hwang was L.A. I was in L.A. 6 months ago and I can relate to “the color of the warped results of millions of shattered dreams”. It’s as if there is life there, but it’s also absent. So much is unsaid and it feels exactly in a David Lynch film. I felt inspired, but at the same time empty of association with myself or my identity. As if there is a layer just below the surface containing the sweat of hidden lies and truths.

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