Boston Type Walk

Through the Type class I’m teaching at MassArt, I got to go on a typewalk of downtown Boston, led by the excellent Paul Shaw. (This is not him. But imagine the walk if it was.) The best pictures are below, but you can see more on my horribly neglected thesis blog, Graphic Action.

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  1. This is excellent Katherine. Does this happen on a somewhat regular basis? Is it open to the public? Or did you have to arrange this through MassART?

    Nevertheless, sounds and looks excellent. I’m sure Mr. Swinehart would very much approve. Thank you for making sure I got the correct Paul Shaw too. Knowing myself, I would have never noticed the difference!

  2. Katherine Hughes

    I think this was the one and only walk in Boston this year, arranged for MassArt’s Type I students. Mr. Shaw lives and teaches in New York, though, and I think he gives walks there more often. Definitely worth it, but try not to be carrying around 14 pounds of books + a laptop like I was. I wanted to cry by hour three.

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