Here is an evergrowing and everupdating list of type that we hug. It is a list of perhaps not the standard repertoire of type. If you have any typefaces that you would like us to hug, do let us know. Otherwise, check back here for updates.

There are some nice typefaces such as Rue Displa, Karmina, and Etica created by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, Type Together. Veronika lives in Prague and José is in Argentina working together.


LaPolice BP and SangBlue BP by swiss-based typefoundry B&P Typefoundry.

AAUX NEXT TypeTrust is founded by Silas Dilworth and Neil Summerour. Aaux Next looks nice. –

VARIABLE I have since the day I first met it, enjoyed Variable quite a bit. It is clean, simple, no frills, no gimmicks and all in all, at the end of the day, a nice flexible execution. –

DADA GROTESK must have been around 2000 or 2001 when i first heard about swiss type foundry optimo. they had created a font called detroit which was available in multiple master technology. these “MM” fonts were fun to play around with since you could modify them to a high degree using this fancy slider interface in illustrator. anyways, multiple master fonts vanished, so did illustrators MM design palette. and i lost track of optimo.quite recently i searched for their website, and was pleasantly surprised to find them still alive. apparently, detroit isn’t available anymore, but their selection of fonts contains quite a few gems. i am especially delighted by their latest release. dada grotesk really nice. hopp schwyz!

ATLANTICA Some of Ricardo Santos’ work are very interesting. He has done a couple technical and geometric sans serif typefaces such as Focus and Van. This serif font is very expressive unlike others. I am fascinated by his great attention to the details of the strokes. Nice work. –

FREIGHT Freight was designed by Joshua Darden. The Freight family includes 100 fonts: Freight Big/Display/Micro/Sans/Text. There are many weights, variations, and special characters for different uses. Impressive work. It is just fun to look at the whole family. Check the web site out. –

HERMES The lovely Hermes typeface is available at Font Bureau. We’ve been long time fans of this beauty. With curves in all the right places, this typeface kicks elegance with a little bulge. It’s interesting to note that the type was inspired by German industrial grotesks with the wear, tear, and smudging of time built in. Nice1. –

STAG Stag is a typeface originally designed for Esquire magazine in 2005. An amalgamation of French and German early 20th century slab serifs, Stag has been known to receive catcalls from construction workers in both chubby and skinny states. Yes, basically. A hottie. –

AMPLITUDE Amplitude is a typeface designed by Christian Schwartz and available for sale at Font Bureau. It is a beautiful face most notable for its distinguished notches and nicks originally inspired by work done by Matthew Carter for printing on newsprint and trapping ink for legibility. It works handily both in text and display usage. Thumps up! –

BRIONI TEXT Recently released Brioni Text is the first Typotheque typeface not designed by a Bil’ak. While we’re not sold on the Captain Hook lower-case a, the typeface is a subtle slab, elegant enough for text setting. The typeface comes with 9 numeral sets, including old-style figures, lining figures, and median-high lining figures for setting with small caps. Delicious. –

PARISINE PTF Parisine PTF was designed for Paris’s transportation authority by Jean François Porchez (of the Porchez Typofonderie). It boasts some unusual ligatures, especially for a sans serif typeface (fk, anyone?). It’s sister typeface, Parisine Office, has some incredibly juicy open type features, including nesting letters, and some cursive-inspired ligatures. –

TYPOGRAPHY HUGS Here is an ongoing list of type foundries and individuals worth hugging. Hug!