Browns Design

london based design co. with a proper traditional approach.


a uk collective of artists, designers, musicians and writers. founded in 91.


design studio within london. haunch of venison, brilliant.

Recognize_02 Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick was not only a prolific Sci-Fi author, but also a philosopher, theologian, and futurist. His work has gained considerable recognition in the past decade as many of his sci-fi works have been made into movies, (Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, and Paycheck to name a few.) His works are packed visions of a drug-fueled future where realities are bent, surveillance is betraying, and androids fight for consciousness. Details »


a multi-disciplinary design studio in the uk.

Kent Lyons

a design studio in london with a solid sense of typography and form.

The Magic That Is…

Kenya Hara. I am and continuously am amazed at the work, the voice, and the thoughts behind his work. In a world that is so heavy hitting, so heavy in all regards, I enjoy his voice of restraint. But more importantly, I enjoy this notion of the conversation. The potential for the existence of a two sided exchange in graphic design. The moment where one can disappear in the work. Get lost for a few. And during that time being lost, enjoying it. Thinking about things. And raising awareness. A little mystery and a little restraint goes a long ways.


This is or most likely will be the beginning on a series, I’d tentatively like to dub ‘Graphics Designs’. This simply means, more is going to develop in the next few weeks and you may see a few more posts on this subject. Even more simply, you have not heard the last of this! Last week, a few colleagues and I conducted and took part in a workshop on the application Adobe Photoshop. It was a workshop constructed to demystify an application that in some circles has become an afterthought in graphic design. Details »

Recognize_01 Jeff Mills

JEFF MILLS A pioneer of the Detroit Techno sound, Jeff Mills has been here from the beginning. His storied career may sound like a few of his contemporaries, but Mills stands apart in his subliminal execution and ability to elevate techno. In recent years he’s finally been able to bring techno to a wider audience giving the genre much deserved respect. Details »