True Is True, Bitch.

You know what Mr. Cina’s new years resolution is. The man is unstoppable. Time to make mine….I guess it’ll be a Chinese New Year’s resolution.

Happy Monday. Work hard.

Design Incubation Center

The Design Incubation Center is a unique place in the Department of Architecture School of Design and Environment at the National University of Signapore. As the name states it is a think tank for design. The ideas and projects lie mostly in the realm of objects and products.

??The Design Incubation Centre is a design research laboratory which investigates and develops new design tools to find new possibilities for the practice of design. This is done through projects that analyze the emerging and evolving human needs, technology and social trends.

Two Women with Soft Eyes


I’ve been admiring the lovely snaps of Jin Joo Hwang for a while now. I know very little about her, but I gather that she’s: 1) female, 2) Korean, 3) from LA possibly via Korea. Regardless, she’s got some really beautiful work.

Ye Rin Mok’s work has been super hot these days. She shoots for everyone from THEME magazine to Apartmento. Her portrait work is astounding, but I’m more smitten with her more ethereal snaps. Check these two lovely ladies out.

Hiroshi Nakamura and NAP Architects

Hiroshi Nakamura is a young Japanese architect who plans to change the world one atmosphere at a time. Nakamura’s recent ‘Dancing Trees, Singing Birds‘ project gained a significant amount of press when it was completed earlier this year. Looking through their work it quickly becomes clear what Nakamura’s true magician skill is, atmospherics. Many of the projects house gestures with light that completely alter and define the spaces. In projects like the House SH the bulbous facade creates a well of light that arrests the interior in subtle white light. Nakamura uses light to transform spaces. Within the various projects I hear the voices of Yayoi Kusama (Necklace House), James Turrell (SH House,) and Ernesto Neto (????/Epson Project.) Not to say that he is ripping those artists off. The nature of the projects make the work a lot less soulless than those referenced artists. But the use of their motifs and techniques are luxuriously appropriate.

Johan Prag

Johan Prag has already been lauded across the blogs, but his work is definately worth another look. Since 2003, Prag has called Tokyo, JP his home. Here he has been a subtle, but powerful creative force within both the Japense Ex-Pat design scene, as well as the Japanese design community at large. Working as a designer, art director, video director, and even product designer since 1997, Prag is a man with many skills and a total design vision. Before moving to Tokyo Prag was an Art Director at the Stockholm Design Lab. He is represented by Rightning, who also represents the artist Oliver Laric. Prag also did Rightning’s CI which is minimally captivating.

The Magic That Is…

Kenya Hara. I am and continuously am amazed at the work, the voice, and the thoughts behind his work. In a world that is so heavy hitting, so heavy in all regards, I enjoy his voice of restraint. But more importantly, I enjoy this notion of the conversation. The potential for the existence of a two sided exchange in graphic design. The moment where one can disappear in the work. Get lost for a few. And during that time being lost, enjoying it. Thinking about things. And raising awareness. A little mystery and a little restraint goes a long ways.