Avalanche Magazine

Thoughtful Tuesday. Started in 1968 by Willoughby Sharp and Liza Béar, Avalanche Magazine was an unfettered document of art for artists. It’s aim was to present the workings of the art world in an unfiltered, almost objective informative manner. Sharp and Béar’s magazine now stands in time as a tome of the pioneering conceptual artists of the 70’s. The 13 issues they published “read like a Who’s Who of the avant-garde.” Specific Object has collected all 13 issues into a bound limited-edition copy that is now available for pre-order only. If you’re a true conceptual art buff it would be smart to shell out some clams for this one.

The limited edition will sell at a staggered price rate, with the first 40 selling for $350; the second 20 for $450; the third 20 for $550; and the last 20 selling for $750.