Visual Aid Shop


Our friends at Draught Associates have expanded their offerings by creating the Visual Aid Shop. An extension of their hit books the Visual Aid Shop hosts an astounding inventory of richly designed information graphics. Finally, all those strange and chintzy posters you can find at Newberry comics in well designed form! Own a Flags of the World poster that isn’t filled with beer or strains of marijuana. Stock on Holiday gifts, but don’t spend all your hard-earned pennies in one spot because there may be another store right around the corner. More on this soon…

Flip Flop Fly Ball


There are three things that I think go hand in hand with baseball: beer, sunshine, and statistics. Baseball’s lengthy 162 game regular season makes the use of statistics all the more relevant within the strategies of the game. Players and plays become more easily predictable due to the huge amount of sampling data. This is why I love baseball. The numbers mean something to the way the game is played. Craig Robinson, the creator of Flip Flop Flyin’, has taken his love of baseball and stats and transformed them in to a series of infographics about the game. You may not see Lou Pinella or Joe Torre using these graphics in the dugout, but successfully inform the curious observer such as myself. The infographics vary from how many baseball movies Kevin Costner has starred in, to how much it would much it would cost the MBL if players actually stole the bases when they “stole” a base. Robinson has compiled all this baseball related infographics, photos, and drawings for your viewing pleasure. I smell a book deal or flashcards in the works! Hug Press anyone?

Daytum (Beta)


Daytum (Beta) “Daytum is a home for collecting and communicating your daily data. Begin tracking anything you can count and display the results immediately… or just look around and see what other members are recording.” Daytum is developed by Nicholas Feltron, known amongst us design nerds for his rockin “Feltron Annual Reports.”

Neverending Time

Ghin Liew, a London-based creative, has re-envisioned our Roman Calendar. He’s placed time in a proper circular loop that is organized by color and incorporates a lunar cycle. He’s got some really fantastic video work also.

Von B und C

Easy to skim through Von B und C if you don’t know German, but Barbara Hahn (B) and Christine Zimmermann (C) have some really nice information design worth looking at. And if you are as unfortunate as me to not know German, try using Google Translate.