A solid motion piece from Turkish based motion designer Onur Senturk.  Not much work on his site at the moment, but if this video is any indication, you can expect to see some great things in the future.

Xavier Chassaing


scintillation / prepare. a beautiful film.

Cut & Paste Smack Down


Our pals at Cut & Paste have brought it to the next level. This is some international, almost galatic level ish, (keeping it PG for the kids:) For those of you in NYC watch 2D, 3D, and Motion take downs on Oct. 16th at the Hammerstein Ballroom. See grown men and women get shamed for questionable fast blurs, and getting too deep in to the z.


Image 3

Thanks to the french blog la cuisine du graphiste (in english : the graphic designer’s kitchen), While reading la cuisine du graphiste (the Graphic Designer’s Kitchen) I discovered that the great japanese interior design firm Wonderwall updated their website! With the help of Yugo Nakamura, the infamous creative director, designer and engineering explorer all forms of interactive expression in digital and networked environment.

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Maxim Zhestkov


mad maxim

Bubble Is 10


I’ve just been informed that my long-time buddies over at Bubble turned the big 10 last week. During the last decade they’ve exhibited at One Dot Zero Festival, played live at Futuresonic, won Roses Design Awards – Silver and Gold for both Interactive and Moving Image projects. Produced film work to cement social change, to celebrate special events and to aid global marketing strategies. They were selected to go to Japan to as part of Design UK and were part of a British Council Group, on a world wide tour promoting music across all levels of design and production. But above all – they’ve stayed true to their Manchester roots all that time. Well Happy Birthday then! Better late than never!

Tronic For Comcast And Sony


Tronic created this HD trailer for Comcast. This is being displayed on an uber hi-def screen at Comcast center in Philadelphia. Some pretty solid stuff, as always.



WOW is a motion graphic studio based in Sendai and Tokyo, Japan.

Bearfight Studio


rad director / christopher hewitt. new studio. blamma!

Koppel vs. Discovery vs. Imaginary Forces


Ted Koppel is the man. Period. Those of your from a few generations before me probably already know this. But for someone who’s grown up with hype-driven news media and impersonal rss-feeds, Koppel’s intensely earnest journalism is very much appreciated. His new series airing on the Discovery Channel is a part of his continuing work with Discovery simply called ‘Koppel on Discovery.’ The new series ‘The People’s Republic of Capitalism’ is an amazing mind-fuck, (I do not use this word lightly.) Koppel is able to quickly expose the utter mind-boggling contradictions of China’s rapid growth. The titles were done by Imaginary Forces, who continue to do amazing work. Check out both if you have some time and are looking for some quality TV.

Animal Collective


In keeping with the incredible amount of buzz surrounding everyone’s favorite avant-garde band of the hour Animal Collective, I felt that I should join in on the fun. I found this music video a few months back for the title track off of their ep Water Curses. Im not sure if I love the video, or if I just really dig the song. you be the judge.

Irma Boom in motion, well, kind of.

Irma Boom Books Just randomly stumbled upon this today. It appears to be a post by Irma Booms office on YouTube. There is no audio. And well, it is what it is. But it is an interesting way to get the 5 second flip through of a number of her books. I guess, I can liken it to french fries and a drive through window. You get it in a hurry. If you have some time to spare, it could be an interesting scrub through. Especially if you are a fan of her work!

Have a happy friday everybody. See some of you tomorrow!