Agency Collective

Agency Collective is a very intriguing and talented studio out of San Francisco. Judging from their portfolio site and their book, A:G is one of those rare studios that blazes new frontiers in the mediums they choose to pursue. Check it out.

The Interpretation By YWFT


Mike Cina and Michael Paul Young have made some wicked crazy things in their time, but The Interpretation looks to be one of their biggest ventures yet. This DVD is a collaborative effort of visual mystery and aural suggestion. A work of art that explores the relationship between nature, motion and sound, The Interpretation takes us on a languid journey through a slowly flourishing forest. Hinting at vague memories of microbiology and rotating through a cool organic spectrum of greens, blues, browns, blacks and whites; this motion-based work will entrance its viewer as the forest evolves.

For this work Mike Cina is actually on the soundboard and MPY is on the VJ decks. It looks to quite a lush journey. Get yourself at copy at … where else? YWFT!