Andy Gilmore

I recently came cross Andy Gilmore’s work via Breed, and I must say I find it truly captivating. A curious case of disciplinary cross-over between music and design (as Andy is a musician as well as a practising designer) yielding eye-popping results in the form of these geometric illustrations. They are simple but yet deceivingly complex, and surely palatable with most forms of visual language and communication – hinting at mainstream appeal which is far flung from the source of the art. Don’t just take my word for it, check out his website.

Music Graphics

In light of the release of Tony Wilson’s memorial and the new England football team shirt, you will have no doubt seen Peter Saville’s name lately rearing to the surface of design journals and the blogosphere. So I thought I should dig through some of my archives to re-educate myself with some of the work which propelled him to fame and notoriety. Namely the work which Saville produced for the sector which every designer would love to prostitute themselves for – the music industry.

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Hot Girls And Lyrics

Jordan Sach is another bright young lad from the UK who has been crafting some goodness with music and typography. Take a look at his explorations on his flickr profile. There is some raw gold in there. Nice1.

Music Philosophy

Ricardo Toledo is a designer in London who took on a very ambitious project designing philosophical posters from various song lyrics. The gist of the project is to take a line from a band and typographically interpret that band’s given philosophy. Chris Farley really understood the Beatles.

Nike + Trainer / Audio


Jonsi World Tour

brilliant_one of the most epic music / theatrical performances of all time.

set design by 59 productions

sinking friendships-live

Ghostland Observatory


duo aaron behrens & thomas turner, known as ghostland observatory rock/funk out some electronic brilliance. listen to sad sad city on npr /

Mixtape Club


Ten people, ten tracks, ten album covers. The Mixtape Club is a celebration of the mixtape. Every graphic designer is a dj, whether in the closet or out. Brought to you by my former coworkers Steve and Brian with the help of some like minded cohorts. Enjoy the Hump Day tunes.



uva / massive attack

Bill Viola & NIN


brilliant. part 1 / part 2 bill viola & nin

Hip+Gnostic = Hipgnosis


Look familiar?

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Here, for you viewing pleasure, the work of Hipgnosis. The graphic genesis of Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey Powell, and Peter Christopherson. True pioneers in image making.

“Thorgerson & Powell’s surreal, elaborately manipulated photos were a film-based forerunner of what would, much later, be called photoshopping.” – wikipedia

Mad Photos


Mads Perch is a London-based Danish born photographer. The man’s got style with fingers in the music, editorial, and fashion worlds. His ability to blend different styles makes him a promising figure. It will be interesting to see where this man’s work takes him.

The Beautiful Disease


Terrible name, but the photos are worth a look.