Creative Control

A few months ago the infamous Damon Dash started making some serious moves. His new space DD172 has become a center cooking up some catastrophic cultural goods. When Mos Def was “chilling” one night with some serious folk the place was deemed the “24 Hour Karate School.” Since then there has been some serious hype bubbling around the space, the gallery, venue, and the much anticipated mixtape. Check out all the moves being made here at DD’s Creative Control. Hip Hop is still very much alive ladies and gentlemen. Support your local Karate Dojo. Start chopping.

WSDIA For Nike


Smooth. Solid. Classic. Cheeky. WSDIA for Nike. How freaking awesome would it be to have your logotype on a shoe!

Epilogue Magazine


Epilogue Magazine is a classy act. With contributors based in Los Angeles and New York, Epilogue crafts a fine publication that successfully transports the feeling of a literary magazine to the web. The emphasis of the magazine is the interaction between culture and art; the magazine will include high-end design work, selected fiction, and transcribed conversations with culturally relevant figures. When you find some time and space nestle down with your macbook at Epilogue. You’ll feel like you’re reading a newspaper in a white gallery. They update with new features every Monday so keep an eye out.



Spacebuster by Raumlabor “Spacebuster is a mobile inflatable structure – a portable, expandable pavilion – that is designed to transform public spaces of all kinds into points for community gathering. A new iteration of a past Raumlabor project, the K¸chenmonument (presented in Europe in 2006-8), the Spacebuster will make its first appearance in the US this evening and will travel throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn for 10 consecutive evenings hosting various community events.” We missed one chance, but still there are five more events in New York until April 26. Check it out here: Catch spacebuster on youtube


One of the Method SF visual designers sent this out today, so Jay and LA, and I’m sure quite a few more of you have already seen this. I thought it was worth sharing with everyone else who hasn’t checked it out. It’s the new Identity and Branding system for the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) here in New York, created by Michael Bierut/Pentagram.

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