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Haw-lin Services

At a time when fashion and tastes changes quicker than you can refresh your browser it is a real feat to remain relevant. Somehow Haw-Lin Services have made it their mission to achieve this slippery feat. The studio founded by Jacob Klein and Nathan Cowen. They specialize…

Alex Prager

Beautiful and haunting images from Los Angeles-based photographer Alex Prager. We’re particularly in love with his xxx series. There’s something about the light and aura of Los Angeles that instantly makes everything cinematic. We’re talked about this special quality before, and we see it again in Prager’s…

Daniel Gordon Studio

Wild, vivid, and flat are some immediate adjectives that come to mind when looking at Daniel Gordon‘s still lives. His photographic work blends ideas from painting, digital media and art history. The result is this dialogue is a loud and dizzying conversation about what it means…

Stephanie Gonot

If you are a frequent reader of Refinery29, GOOD, or Fast Company you have probably come across the vibrant visuals of Stephanie Gonot. We really dig the LA photographers bright colors, pop sense, and photographic precision. Her work continues to evolve, while honoring the work of surrealist…

Katie Steciw

We are digging the energetic images by American photographer Katie Steciw. Her images are full of energy and play with collage, layering, and material. Recently, her work has become quite sculptural; challenging the form of the traditional printed photograph. Images courtesy Artsy and Dust Magazine.…

Photographs of Ken Garland

Ken Garland is a designer who never ceases to amaze me. Having authored the original First Things First manifesto, Mr. Garland has never been one to hold a “traditional” vision of design. The man is truly prolific. I recently discovered his photographic work and am…

Kenji Toma

There are a ton of imitators, but none of them come close to the mastery that Kenji Toma exhibits. Truly stunning work. Nice1.

Irwin Tobias Matutina

Director / Illustrator / Photographer. Irwin touches everything with a little bit of class and a little bit of sass. Check out his growing body of work.


A series by photographer Kanako Sasaki. where are we coming from and going, inspired from the astronomical theory, the relationship with moon and earth; we are only existed by accidents and chances. we will disappear and drift away.

Lay Flat 02: Meta

Ladies and Gentlemen, our dear friend Shane Lavalette has released the second in his magazine series Lay Flat. It is now available for purchase and includes a great roster of known and up-and-coming photographers.

AM Tokyo

A Japanese collective agency of art directors, photographers, an ililustrator and a stylist. AM Tokyo consists of Kenjiro Harigai and Chieko Yamamoto, Fantasista Utamaro, Yoshiharu Ota, Hironobu Sato, Ichiko Uemoto, Akiko Isobe, and Tsuyoshi Takahashi. Their powers combined! TGIF y’all. Images a plenty.

Ivan Hvam Hvam

Ivan is a Danish art director and artist who likes to take funny pictures of himself. Happy Friday y’all.

Gravure Magazine

A new and well executed platform to spread style intellingence. Gravure magazine is a new American showcase site of some very talented leaders in the fashion industry including the likes of Susan Cianciolo , Alex Freund, and David Armstrong. This online magazine is a brave…

Les Krims

I know very little about this man, but his work is quite influential. Can you see the impact of his work on flamboyant photographers like David Lachapelle? I think yes. Fascinating.

_____ Magazine

Underscore Magazine is a new arts and photography magazine hailing from Singapore. Their pilot issue features the work of one of our favorites, Hasisi Park! Check it out if you can get your hands on a copy!

Candy Magazine

I’ve been a long time fan of Candy Magazine. It’s a truly viable PDF publication. Check out their latest issue filled with a lineup of heavy hitters like Timothy Saccenti, Jesper Lindstrom, and Neil Gavin.

Issuu Finds

The venerable DP introduced me to Issuu a while ago. I have recently been prowling the vast shelves of this growing platform. The experience is not 100%, but I dare say that it’s a nice way to peruse all the fashion magazines of the world!…

Reed And Rader

Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader are a photographic team hailing from Brooklyn, NY. I find their whimsical and outlandish style quite refreshing making them uncharacteristic creators on the American scene. Check it out.

The Selby

My new favorite time waster site. Enjoy some interior voyeurism at the Selby. Todd Selby takes an intriguing look into the lives of some very fascinating creatives in Tokyo, New York, London, and Sydney. Welcome to 2010. Glamorous.

Red de Leon

Some beautiful and intriguing images by New Yorker Red de Leon. His flickr is alive and kickin’ as well. Keep tabs on this dude.

Nick Knight

classic photographer / love his work_ check out showstudio.com / a fashion & art online broadcast channel_nk is director & founder nickknight.com

Studio Von Birken

Studio Von Birken, a New York based studio run by Katia K¸the & Philipp M¸ssigmann, just launched their new site! I have always been a fan of their work, especially after taking a visit to their studio and seeing this stuff in print. Simple, elegant,…

Dictionnaire Du Look

Those guys from IP.3, parisian graphic design studio, informed us of the update of their portfolio and the release of a book they’ve worked on : le Dictionnaire du Look edited by Robert Laffont. It’s all about fashion, explains all the current trends with good…

Nazine – Printed Magazine!

The other day I visited an old favorite, Nazine. I was surprised to learn that as of this spring, they have begun to publish in printed form! Their publishing schedule is currently unknown, but it looks to be following a quarterly schedule. If you’re in…

Rankin Live

Although the event has passed, the site’s experience is still fresh. The bad boys at Digital Club put together an integrated experience with the Original Bad Boy Rankin, (founder of Dazed and Confused) melding his retrospective at the Truman Brewery with the world. Rankin Live…

Taisuke Koyama Takes Photos Like A Graphic Designer.

If you have come across the work of Shun Kawakami (artless) then you have definitely come across the photos of Taisuke Koyama. Don’t feel bad if the name doesn’t ring a bell. Despite the beauty of his work, the photographs aren’t exactly memorable. This is…