Creative Control

A few months ago the infamous Damon Dash started making some serious moves. His new space DD172 has become a center cooking up some catastrophic cultural goods. When Mos Def was “chilling” one night with some serious folk the place was deemed the “24 Hour Karate School.” Since then there has been some serious hype bubbling around the space, the gallery, venue, and the much anticipated mixtape. Check out all the moves being made here at DD’s Creative Control. Hip Hop is still very much alive ladies and gentlemen. Support your local Karate Dojo. Start chopping.

The Walker Channel


On the coat tails of Grez’ post of Saville’s President’s Lectures…I share with you the Walker Channel and their growing archive. Thanks to the gracious Walker Museum staff and the power of the internet you, a humble layman, are granted access to the member’s events held at in Minneapolis. They’ve gotten a stellar list of designers, and artists to speak on a variety of topics over the years. And the conversation is always different. When you get a free evening pop open a bottle of brew and get a bowl of pop corn and sit down with Daniel Eatock or Mevis & van Deursen as they wax a little on their work. Tune in next Tuesday to hear Experimental Jetset drop some knowledge on the MidWest.

Köerner Union


Three young swiss lads who bring wit, humor, and fun back to graphic design. Their combined efforts really show design that’s more of an approach than techniques or style. Being a group they can exercise their skills across a variety of media (illustration, photography, video direction, etc…) Three heads must definitely be better than one. Check out this amazing video that already got a lot of blog love.

Sensurround Online

Posting this because it’s soon to be old news. found a very cool loophole in the law that allows them to screen whole DVD’s online for one week only. They’ve been running this show since their launch in April earlier this year and have aptly called the show ‘One Week Only.’ This past week they have been screening the Cornelius‘ amazing companion DVD Sensurround. The DVD has music videos of all song recorded on Cornelius’ album Sensuous. All the videos are directed by the ever-talented Tsujikawa Koichiroexcept for two, (‘Toner’ by Takagi Masakatsu and ‘Watadori’ by the art/design collective Groovisions.) This is an amazing DVD and it really shows of Koichiro’s talents, methods, and themes. The DVD will be replaced by a new one this Friday so check it out before them if you have time!