Earth From Above

Whether you care about sustainability awareness or not, it’s impossible to deny the quality of these stunning large-scale aerial photographs from around the world by environmentalist and photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand; it’s a collection of photographs that started in 1994. You can find various other projects on his website, some of which are non-profit, promoting sustainable development and environmental awareness. This particular exhibition called Earth From Above has been traveling since 2000 and has visited nearly every major city around the world. It will come to the World Financial Center Plaza in Battery Park City, New York on May 1, 2009 until June 28 and is free to the public. has a great large-scale image gallery, and each photo has a convenient google maps link. Thanks to Renee for the tip!

YouWorkForThem Relaunches with a new look.

I had heard about the relaunch being imminent not long ago — this is one of those things I just forget about until it happens. Don’t forget to check out the YouWorkForThem Blog. It’s also reflecting new looks.

Doug Aitken

Had the pleasure of seeing this installation at the 303 Gallery on 21st st. here in New York. Yes, as withSarah’s post, I wondered whether this was fitting material or not, but as stated earlier as well, it communicated with me, so I thought I would share it. Details »

Homage or Fromage V.2

On a bleary Sunday here in Boston I bring you Homage or Fromage v. 2. Above we have the cover art of 154 by the critic’s favorite band, WIRE. The album is heralded as the WIRE’s most ‘art school’ album by these art school dropouts, (some did graduate…but dropouts are always cooler.) And everything about this album is an art school piece. Its forays into deeper sonic adventures, the drab lyrics, and most importantly, the beautifully modernist sleeve design! The cover was done by the members Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis themselves, (they did all the cover work for all the albums released on Harvest.) It’s impeccably designed and perfectly fits it’s medium, the square record sleeve.

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Interview Magazine

Yes, another magazine post. I’ve re-discovered my love for the tabloid these days, and I can’t stop myself from writing about it. Interview Magazine is a publication with a long and revered history. Started in 1969 by Andy Warhol, its influenced is far and wide. It “celebrated the cult of celebrity” that Warhol was fascinated by. It was also started around the same time the tape recorder was introduced and therefore the interviews had a raw, unedited, and revealing nature to them. That “real” sense is what defined Interview for years both editorially and in terms of design.

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Simon Griffin

A friend of the Saville, Parris, Wakefield team, Simon, sends us a note and a link to some of the work they are doing. It looks like they are doing work directly with Saville, Parris, Wakefield and a fair share of great work of their own. Peruse, browse, what have you at your convenience. It was pleasing to find some OMD work from 1998 in here. In their own words: The OMD Singles is a compilation album of all OMD’s greatest hits. Andy McCluskey’s brief was to capture the band’s ethos, ‘human electric’, in one definitive image. A combination of human DNA scans and colours sampled from electrical diodes were used to create these models of chromosomes.

Here are some nice other bits too:

And just a few more:

Overall, nice work.

Joel Speasmaker and Anthem Magazine

Boston doesn’t have many great spots to pick up magazines. But the Barnes and Nobles in my new neighborhood has been able to satisfy my publication love. So, I was pleasantly surprised to revisit an old friend of mine, Anthem Magazine.

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photographer oleg duryagin. surreal.


architects, designers, art directors and directors setup to form an original fusion of ideas, images, movement and experience. based in nyc.


One of the Method SF visual designers sent this out today, so Jay and LA, and I’m sure quite a few more of you have already seen this. I thought it was worth sharing with everyone else who hasn’t checked it out. It’s the new Identity and Branding system for the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) here in New York, created by Michael Bierut/Pentagram.

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Huy Vu announced the launch of a project he has been working on over the summer with HunterGatherer. It is for Good Magazine. It’s a motion piece on the history of satellites. Very well done! I love the lo fi moments in combination with the animation. Check it out when you have the time!

We have a fan!

Thanks Jon. Jonathan is very talented designer at Frog Design in Austin, TX and a dear friend to many of us Huggers.


images I’ve taken from UnderConsideration and a few other spots showing some of that current brand treatment. This is a long one folks. Bear with us. The following is from an exchange fellow Hugger Lisa and I had about a lecture we both attended along with some other Huggers, given by Willy Wong (senior vice president and executive creative director at NYC & Company, the City of New York’s official marketing, tourism, and partnerships organization) and Miriam Greenberg (author of “Branding New York City: How a City in Crisis was Sold to the World”) on the recent rebranding of New York City. Details »